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Products & Services

What We Offer

We offer a wide selection of home medical equipment to suit your lifestyle needs. From canes and walkers to diabetic shoes and wound care supplies, our staff can help you select the proper product for you.


For your convenience, we offer local delivery services and can mail or ship state-wide.

Durable Medical Equipment 

Durable Medical Equipment

Delano - Bakersfield - Pharmacy - Durable medical equipment

Mobility Aids

Certain durable medical equipment are designed to enhance the mobility of those who are having difficulty moving due to a recent operation or are experiencing degradation of mobility as they age. Mobility aides can also be used to protect individuals from physical injury. From walkers to canes to wheelchairs, our pharmacy carries a wide selection of colors and sizes.

Types of products we carry:






Shower Chairs 

Grab Bars

Diabetic shoe fitting and consultation at Komoto Pharmacy - Delano and Bakersfield

Diabetic Shoes

With diabetes, foot care is a top priority that is often overlooked. Wearing properly fitted diabetic shoes are important because diabetes can cause a number of complications in the feet, including nerve damage, poor circulation, and an increased risk of infection. Our team has undergone special training to fit you for shoes which are customized to your specific foot size and shape.

The benefits of diabetic shoes include:

Proper fit: The shoes are designed to fit properly and comfortably to reduce pressure on the feet and prevent blisters, calluses, and other foot injuries.

Extra depth: Diabetic shoes have extra depth to accommodate orthotic devices, which can help to redistribute pressure on the feet and reduce the risk of foot ulcers.

Good soles: Diabetic shoes have soles that are slip-resistant, flexible, and shock-absorbing to provide good traction and support.

Protection: Diabetic shoes provide added protection for the feet, including minimal interior stitching, which can help to avoid skin irritation or bleeding.

Delano - Bakersfield - Pharmacy - Wound care

Wound Care 

Wound care products are essential and help ensure a wound heals properly. Treating, dressing, and caring for wounds also require the right supplies. From bandages for small cuts to products for post-surgery care, we carry products you need to help your recovery.

Delano - Bakersfield - Pharmacy - Support and elastics

Support & Elastics 

Support and elastics are commonly used to alleviate pain, improve circulation, and provide support to reduce risk of further injury. We carry a wide range of products like compression stockings, compression bandages, and braces. Our team can help provide guidance to ensure you find the right support and elastic products for your specific condition. 



Delano - Bakersfield - Pharmacy - Drug compounding

Drug Compounding

Drug compounding is the process of combining, mixing, or altering ingredients to create a medication that is tailored to a patient’s specific needs. Some common reasons for needing a compounded drug include when a patient is allergic to a certain dye, or when a patient cannot swallow a tablet and needs a medicine in liquid form. 

Delano - Bakersfield - Pharmacy - Veterinary Compounding

Veterinary Compounding

Our team of compounding pharmacists will work in partnership with your veterinarian to convert medications to have a specific flavor, chewable tablets, or topical gels, making it a lot easier for you to administer medication.



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Immunizations can protect you and your family from preventable infections causing sickness, disability and even death. With a wide variety of vaccines available today, our staff can recommend which vaccines are right for you. Many vaccines are also covered under insurance, and we can contact your health plan to ensure that you’re covered.

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